friday faves : summer is trying to kill me

Well, I have no idea where I got the idea that summer would be all "chill by the pool and eat ice cream" kind of relaxing.   

Hahahaha, NO. Instead, it's more like, "chauffeuring your kids to various camps they don't want to go to, cleaning up dog vomit off your new rug, and living in a house with a broken AC" kind of relaxing.

In other words, every day this summer has been Monday. 

BUT, y'all. Summer still has lots of time to redeem itself. And since internet shopping is my happy place, let us avoid our problems by diving into some of this week's favorites.

(Because apparently my favorites don't include my dog, our AC company, or healthy coping strategies.)

tobi camo.jpg

tobi camo tee | ag white denim | steve madden wedges | straw bag | fringe earrings | photo by jnelly photography

1. This camo tee from Tobi. Y'all. It is a magical unicorn of t-shirts because A) it is CAMO. And while I am not guaranteeing that your kids and husband will mistake you for a sergeant and automatically obey your camo-wearing self, I AM saying that it CAN'T HURT. Also B) it has a CHOKER. And I think we all understand how I feel about chokers. 

Dear 90's, thank you for the choker trend. For that, we will try to forgive you the grunge look and mood rings. 

2.  This Asher by fab'rik tank

Y'all. At my styling event with fab'rik Buckhead last weekend, I styled SO MANY people in this tank. It is truly flattering on everyone, and looks fabulous with a lace bralette. 

*On that note, want a fun mom hack? Take a nursing pad and slip it inside your lace bralette. Boom. You are now both supported and guaranteed to avoid being the risqué mama at the park. 

3. MIA Elana Flat Sandal

It's not often that something super on-trend is also comfortable as all heck. But y'all, these sandals hit the mark. The sneaker-style sole is SO on point fashion-wise, but it also guarantees that  you won't want to take these off your feet ALL SUMMER. (Let's hope that doesn't make them smell like my kids' crocs.)

4. BP Sunglasses

Y'all--these are $14! Which means you can buy a pair for yourself AND your bestie. And then be all like, these are our BFF Sunnies. 

What? It can totally be a thing. 

5. Treasure & Bond Choker 7-Layer Choker

Admittedly, SOME OF US, are accessory-layering challenged. And I have found our solution. One necklace, SEVEN CHOKERS.  We are officially winning at life and chokers. 

Happy Friday y'all!

a day in the hustle

Moms are pretty much total #bosses, right? And I think we can agree that we are all seriously HUSTLING.  Like all day, erryday. (The answer is NO. I don't know why I think I can get away with saying erryday. BUT, I'm GONNA.)  Whether you are a mom who works inside the home, outside the home, or some combination of both, you're going to LOVE this post by my blogger friend, Cait. She's gonna fill us in on what her daily mom hustle looks like, and we can all be inspired. And maybe slightly jealous of the way her husband brings her coffee in bed. (AHEM. Hi, JOHN.) 

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vacay chic : fab'rik + RATMJ

Y'all, when fab'rik asked me if I would be interested in hosting a "Vacay Chic with Rage Against the Mom Jean" event,  I kinda felt like I got asked to the prom by the hot guy.  Because I have had a total boutique crush on fab'rik for years. This has involved what may or may not be classified as minor stalking. If by stalking, i mean giving them all my money. 

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instagram round up

So, first of all, if you aren't following me on social media, then WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE? (Besides working, being productive, and not getting tech neck?)

(For real though, I am NOT ABOVE SHAMELESS BEGGING. Follow me. Also? Bye pride, it was nice knowing you.) 

Anyway, according to Instagram, I got dressed in real people clothes AT LEAST a handful of times this month. And what is an Instagram for if not making people feel inadequate, filling in the blog when you haven't shot outfit photos in a sweet forever, and rounding up all the times I got dressed like a normal person?


Y'all, I love, love, LOVE wearing an OTS top with a vest. I wish I could say that I came up with this look out a love of fashion. But really, it was out of the laziness of not wanting to wear a strapless bra. And now I don't have to. BOOM. 

But ya know, also for the FASHION.

P.S. almost all of the pieces in this are old, but the principle still applies. A few sizes of the jeans are still available here, and they are WAY on sale! The booties are available here

free people dress (y'all people LOVE THIS DRESS. Snag one, before they're gone! This one is similar, if you prefer covered arms.) | nordstrom hat | apple watch

I posted this look to Instagram last night, because, despite being HIGHLY unshowered and gross, I felt that it was my duty to inform y'all about this dress. It is THAT. GOOD.  I'm not even exaggerating when I say I got about 5 texts in 5 minutes, asking for sizing. For reference, I got an XS, which should tell you that this runs LARGE. Definitely size down, because the only place I'm an extra small is IN MY MIND. 

Finally, follow me on ALL THE SOCIAL MEDIA, where I promise to overshare about things like that time I wore my bathing suit to the pool INSIDE OUT. #goodtimes #wishitwasthefirsttime

Happy Thursday friends!

half yearly-ing

lariat choker necklace | free people coraline shirt | nella ghillie flat | leith midi dressatlas sunglasses | mesh strap watch | hudson ankle skinny denim | jzelda flap clutch | eden perforated oxford  | high rise denim short | wishes crystal ring | sanctuary crop leg pants

happy memorial day weekend peeps! I have amazing plans this weekend. If by "plans," I mean folding an insanely large amount of laundry, while taking periodic breaks to shop the half-yearly sale. Listen guys, the anniversary sale is only a month (ish) away. We need to take our training seriously and start NOW.

I'm kidding. 


Okay, I'm not. So get your shopping fingers ready, and see how fast you can snag some half-yearly deals.

Because practice makes us abuse our nordstrom card perfect.

Until next time,

friday faves : jet lag edition

Happy Friday friends! I've rounded up a few favorites to kickstart your weekend. You know what's NOT my favorite? Being welcomed home by some raging jet-lag, and a kid with EXPLOSIVE DIARRHEA. 

You just need to know that this entire blog MAY OR MAY NOT MAKE SENSE. 

And this time, I have a valid excuse. 

1. RATMJ Feature in Simply Buckhead - y'all. I may or may not have SHRIEKED EXCITEDLY (like a lot) over being featured in Simply Buckhead this month. My good friend, Jennifer, wrote the article, and not only is she an amazing writer, she made me sound way cooler than I am in real life. I would LOVE for you to read the article, which you can conveniently do right HERE

a monthly subscription box filled with ALL THE FUN THINGS? Yes ma'am, sign me the heck up!

a monthly subscription box filled with ALL THE FUN THINGS? Yes ma'am, sign me the heck up!

2. Hey Shabby Me Subscription Box - guess what, guys? THIS WOULD MAKE A GREAT GIFT FOR THE MOTHER IN YOUR LIFE. Rumor has it, there's a little holiday coming up to celebrate her, and imma go ahead and tell you, she will LOVE THIS fun subscription box from my friends at Hey Shabby Me. Sign up here, and then thank me for how simple I just made your Mother's Day Shopping. 

(Don't act like you didn't wait until now to shop either, you little procrastinators. You're my people.)

3. This article about Mother's Day Brunch is genius, and basically made me laugh to myself like a creeper in Starbucks. Good times.


5. FASTer Way To Fat Loss

I know. I feel sales-y about continuously pimping this program out too. I am not a salesperson. Just ask that ill-fated recruiting job I had for about a minute back in my twenties. BUT, y'all. This is my 3rd round and this program is SO WORTH IT. I'm still seeing changes in my body, but also in my mindset around food. (This past week not included, because on vacation my mindset is ALL THE BREAD! ALL THE TREATS! ALL THE CHOCOLATE! I'm pretty sure that's what they refer to as balance.) 

There's a round starting May 22nd, and only a few spots left....there's also now a men's group, a cookbook, and a cleanse. Y'all, I'm telling you. IT. WORKS. You can read more about my experience here if you're on the fence. And then you can hop the heck over it. 

Also my favorite? ALL OF YOU READING THIS.  Fangirling hard over each of you. 

Until next time,

mama's day

click on any image to link to item

Disclaimer: for some of us, mother's day is sad and hard, and if I could reach through this computer and give you a hug, I would DO IT.  Do something nice for yourself today.  Get yourself something (or 5 somethings) from this gift guide. Eat a lot of chocolate. Get a massage. Know that you aren't alone. Truly.

If you are a mom, have a mom, or just know a mom you want to celebrate, then use this gift guide LIKE A BOSS. 

If you're a dad reading this, allow me to share some Mother's Day truth: The mother in your life DOES NOT WANT TO GET UP AND MAKE BREAKFAST. SHE DOES NOT WANT TO GET ANYONE DRESSED (and for the love of God, please don't make us try to put socks on anyone under the age of 5). SHE DOES NOT WANT TO PUT ANYONE DOWN FOR A NAP OR CHANGE A SINGLE, SOLITARY DIAPER. Nope. Not today. SHE DOES NOT WANT TO CLEAN. ANYTHING AT ALL. (Especially the kitchen that your sweet little kiddos destroyed when they "made" her breakfast in bed. In fact, if you see her starting to even try to clean up, this is a sign that she is STRESSED. Grab the cleaning supplies out of her hand and back away SLOWLY. Tell her she's pretty and turn on one of the Housewives.) 

Here's what the wife or mom in your life DOES want to do on Mother's Day: NOTHING. Nothing except Netflix (chill optional, depending on her preference). She wants to eat chocolate. In her pajamas. ALL THE DAY LONG. She wants to have an opportunity to pee. BY HERSELF. She wants ALL THE HOMEMADE CARDS, KISSES, HUGS, AND BADLY MADE TOAST. She wants lots of snuggles. She probably wants some kind of foot rub, preferably from a professional (which is not YOU.)  She wants any number of items on this list. 

Guys. You're welcome. 

Until next time,