friday faves : shopbop sale

Well, unless you guys live under a rock somewhere, then you have heard about the Shopbop sale that is currently being shoved down your throat by bloggers everywhere. (it's okay. It's what we do.) Here are my picks, along with an idea of what may or may not be going to a good home in my closet very shortly....(let's say it together) unless you are John, in which case it's not. 

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Friday Favorites

It's Friday guys! And if you're a parent, this means that even though you had to drag, bribe, and/or shove your children out of their beds every morning this week, tomorrow they will be up at 6am. 

Fortunately, this is why the Good Lord invented technology. (Maybe for science and stuff too. But mostly so tired parents can have 30 extra minutes on a Saturday morning.)

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shopbop sale picks

Y'all. Shopbop, also known as a potential threat to my kid's college funds, is having a huge sale. And since this is critical info, and since I love you guys, I'm rounding up my favorite pieces to shop. 

(It may also be because I have a slight to very dangerous shopping problem, and have been perusing the sale like it's my job.)

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