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Meet Sherri

I used to have it mildly together. I could wear heels and pencil skirts for days, and rock the trendiest of trends. (Looking at you, harem pants.) But then I peed on a stick (8 actually), and everything changed. As a stylist, I still wanted to be put-together and at least semi-fashionable. But ain’t nobody have time for heels and shorty-shorts at the park. So, it became my mission to help myself and other moms dress their new bodies (Hi pregnancy! Thanks for extra lbs and stretch marks!) in ways that are both stylish and practical. Oh, Sherri, do you mean mom jeans? H to the NO.

Jobs I’ve held:

social worker, real estate agent, personal stylist, butt-wiper, sibling negotiator, Justin Timberlake backup dancer…..oh wait. That last one may have only happened in my mind.


writing. eating peanut butter M&M’s. indulging in Starbucks, marshmallows and bad reality tv. the word ‘satchel.’ anyone who is reading this blog. 


donald trump’s hair. the words moist and ointment. writing with chalk. ew.



Motherhood is hard enough, y’all. There’s absolutely no reason to resign ourselves to doing it in mom jeans. Or yoga pants. Or any of the other “I’ve given up on life” looks that are all too easy to throw on in the morning. 

 (It takes one to know one.)

Rage Against the Mom Jean is a national fashion blog meshing fashion + lifestyle + #momlife by top fashion mom blogger & influencer, Sherri Dickens.

It’s a lighthearted mashup of motherhood and stylish practicality. Because, kids just aren’t gonna swing themselves. Unfortunately.

I’ll also be sharing some of my more humorous (AHEM) adventures in motherhood. Like the time my daughter tried to name my son Lucifer, among other things.

Rage Against the Mom Jean is a place where we are going to rage against the notion that being a mom = wearing ugly clothes and being a slave to your HIGHLY DEMANDING offspring. Moms are much more than that.

Again, motherhood is hard. We’re gonna laugh about it, and look stylish doing it. 


P.S.  If you absolutely live and die by mom jeans, don’t worry!  This blog’s for you too. We can respect each other’s fashion choices and rage against other stuff as well. 

Join me on this crazy adventure by reading this blog, following me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and any of the other various social media outlets that will inevitably make me feel old. (I mean, you’ll have to tell me about them first.)