Rage Against the Mom Jean is an Atlanta-based Fashion Blog + lifestyle Blog + #momlife Blog, created by influencer Sherri Dickens

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“Can I tell y’all a secret? Lean in close. I don’t actually hate mom jeans. And I’m really not trying to rage against them. Instead, I want to rage against the notion that moms, women of a certain age, or really just women in general shouldn’t wear certain things. Because y’all? We’re gonna wear whatever trends make us feel good.

And we’re gonna rock them.

P.S. Somehow y’all actually care about my life and family, and not just my (not at all professional) fashion tips. A) I appreciate that so much. And B) don’t worry. My best stories come from the little monsters that I call children. I’m HERE FOR sharing those stories. But ya know, the REAL ones. The ones that will make you spew coffee out of your nose. The ones that let us all know that yes, motherhood is ridiculous sometimes. Like the time my daughter tried to name my son Lucifer. Or the time I wore my pants backwards AND inside out to pick up my kids from school. We’re going to know that we aren’t alone in this.

Rage Against the Mom Jean is a place where we are going to rage against the notion that being a mom = wearing ugly clothes and being a slave to your HIGHLY DEMANDING offspring. Moms are much more than that.

Again, motherhood is hard. We’re gonna laugh about it, and look stylish doing it.”

—Sherri Dickens, Atlanta Fashion Blogger, Stylist & Mom

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