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If ever in life it’s possible to wear what is essentially a Snuggie, then I am ALL IN. Bo is obviously VERY EXCITED.

If ever in life it’s possible to wear what is essentially a Snuggie, then I am ALL IN. Bo is obviously VERY EXCITED.

In case you missed last year’s Halloween post, not only is it one of my most popular posts of all time, it also tells you why Halloween and I will never be BFF. Go read it. I’ll love you forever.

Sometimes you wanna Pinterest up an amazing, creative Halloween costume that impresses all of Instagram YOUR SWEET CHILDREN, who, have apparently "always wanted a fun mom that dresses up for Halloween."

Good to know.

But then, other times you just wanna justify those new moto boots you bought. Or that camo jacket you’ve been eyeing. Or the red ringmaster coat that a certain someone said was too “extra,” but you just KNEW that one day there would be a highly popular movie about a musically gifted dreamer who opens his own circus. Or ya know. Something like that.

Mainly, let’s Halloween, but also shame our husbands for questioning whether we “really needed that new leather jacket,” and other such nonsense. (Besides, he should know by now that we always need that new leather jacket.)

Since HALLOWEEN IS VERY RUDE AND ON A WEDNESDAY THIS YEAR, here are a few ideas straight from your closet.

(And if they aren't yet in your closet, then you can’t be held responsible because you NEEDED A COSTUME, and therefore they are free.)

I’m dressing up as Delusional Shopaholic for Halloween.

The Moto Jacket (aka The Biker Chic)

I sincerely hope by now that you own a leather jacket (black is preferable here), but if you don’t, then get thyself to your store of choice ASAP. Add black jeans, a black tee, and some black boots. You are now either a super angsty teenager, or a biker chick. (This is AG’s Halloween costume, by the way. She thinks it’s so cool . I think it makes her look like e a teenager, so I have to go cry and obsessively look at her baby videos now. Bye.)

The Camo Jacket

Let’s all pretend to be military badasses this year. Don’t worry, John says I’ve already perfected my drill sergeant voice because HE IS SO HILARIOUS THAT WAY. *Rolls eyes super hard and wishes for an eyeroll button on her keyboard.

My friend Robin is responsible for this idea (HI ROBIN!) and she said to add a big ol’ statement necklace to represent dog tags. Which means I need to go shopping right now, byeeeeeee.

*Disclaimer : Camo leggings, joggers, t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc would ALL work here, just wear a solid black or white top, and that new necklace you’re on your way to buy. Rounding up a few Camo options because I’m an enabler.

Fringe or Flares (let’s be honest, it’s both)

Guys. grab a fringe ANYTHING, throw it on with some flares, and you are an unmistakable hippie chick? Flower child? I have no idea what to call this costume, but I am here for it.
For those who are missing flares or fringe in their closets, first of all, HOW DARE YOU? Second of all, you KNOW I’ve got you covered. (P.S. this costume justifies basically the entire inventory of Free People, just FYI.)

Plaid Skirt

Add a white shirt, and you are now Cher from Clueless. Or Britney circa Baby One More Time. BOOM. *Heads over to Amazon to find a yellow plaid skirt immediately.

What are some options from your closet? Or did you make your family-themed costume a month ago? If so, you rock, and btw, did you want to Pinterest me up a costume real quick?

Until we survive the inevitable sugar hangover that is Thursday next time,

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