november necessities

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It’s officially November y’all! Otherwise known as The Month In Which Sherri Plans to Blame Everything on the Time Change.

Including but not limited to mood swings, overspending, forgetting things (like her budget and how to fold laundry), and her overall state of general disorganization.

(See also: her tendency to speak in third person.)

Anyway, pre-Thanksgiving November can feel a little dreary, so I very thoughtfully put together this list of November necessities. As in I THOUGHT it might help to start throwing some hints at John now. And, as the basic principles of #sherrimath state: If I call it a necessity, it also makes it free. (No.) At least in my mind. (It does not.)

Finally, if this roundup leads you to believe that I will be spending all of November in a big pile of COZY, Netflixing in my pajamas and a blanket, well then….that is absolutely accurate.

And hey, I can totally rock a killer nude lip while I do it.

Until next time,