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jacket | leggings | sports bra | shoes | photos by jnelly photography 

I know what you're thinking, and the answer is yes. I'm just as uncomfortable as you are with the sports bra pic. And I'm pretty sure I strained something flexing my abs. 

Can we all just agree that athleisuring is totally a verb? Pleaseandthankyou

Like, if it were an athletic sport, I would easily medal in it. And can the Olympic committee get right on that? 

Y'all, it's been unprecedentedly cold around these parts. Like, sub-30, which means everything should be canceled, while we all go into hibernation. i.e. don our Uggs, sweats, and binge watch basically anything and everything on Netflix.  Go ahead all you Northerners, roll your eyes at us. I'll wait. 

Anyway, what better time of year to discuss athleisuring than when we have all resolved to lose 15lbs, but it's actually TOO COLD TO GO WORKOUT? We can participate in the sport of athleisuring and feel as if we worked out. And isn't that the same thing?

And if you ARE a brave soul who exercises during these ungodly temps, then you'll look hella cute in any one of these options.

And because it's so cold, everything is basically free.

(Your credit card companies and your husbands won't think so. But it makes sense to me.)


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