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cooking with karv

A Bo and his steak. He's basically a miniature Ron Swanson.

Guys if there's one thing you know about me by now, it's this: convenience is my love language. Along with Anthropologie, marshmallows, and Starbucks, #letsbehonest.

Combine convenience with healthy eating, and Sherri is HERE FOR IT. (Sherri is apparently also here for referring to herself in third person.) 

When Karv reached out to ask if I would try their subscription service, I really couldn't say yes fast enough.  Karv is a monthly subscription service that delivers the finest-quality U.S. meats and oven-ready entrées, straight to your doorstep.

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Can we all just agree that athleisuring is totally a verb? Pleaseandthankyou

Like, if it were an athletic sport, I would easily medal in it. And can the Olympic committee get right on that? 

Y'all, it's been unprecedentedly cold around these parts. Like, sub-30, which means everything should be canceled, while we all go don our Uggs, sweats, and binge watch basically anything on Netflix.  Go ahead all you Northerners, roll your eyes. I'll wait.

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the gym rules

Last fall and winter, I engaged in what I will call the Season of Bad Decisions. This involved me deciding that donuts don't actually have calories, and wine is good for you. In other words, NO. 

I hopped on the scale two days after Christmas, because I really needed to add to my post-holiday depression. I was noticing clothes were fitting slightly less comfortably, so I anticipated a minimal and (not at ALL alarming) 5 lb gain or so. 

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