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friday faves : snow daze edition

Since it's Friday, and we're talking favorites, can I first share what is my UN-favorite of the week? 

Of course you can, Sherri! We are hanging on every word!

Having conversations with yourself is just one of the things you can expect following 2 days of children at home, in your face, hanging on your arm, going to the bathroom with you, and just generally giving you no privacy or space. (INSERT MANIC, CRAZY LAUGH HERE.)

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the gym rules

Last fall and winter, I engaged in what I will call the Season of Bad Decisions. This involved me deciding that donuts don't actually have calories, and wine is good for you. In other words, NO. 

I hopped on the scale two days after Christmas, because I really needed to add to my post-holiday depression. I was noticing clothes were fitting slightly less comfortably, so I anticipated a minimal and (not at ALL alarming) 5 lb gain or so. 

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