friday faves : snow daze edition

Since it's Friday, and we're talking favorites, can I first share what is my UN-favorite of the week? 

Of course you can, Sherri! We are hanging on every word!

Having conversations with yourself is just one of the things you can expect following 2 days of children at home, in your face, hanging on your arm, going to the bathroom with you, and just generally giving you no privacy or space. (INSERT MANIC, CRAZY LAUGH HERE.)

My Friday un-favorite is the way Atlanta won't CALM DOWN with the snow and ice. I live in the south FOR A REASON, and it's not because I enjoy stuffing my kids into snow clothes (i.e. trash bags, because let's be honest, we don't own snow clothes) for the 10 minutes they will enjoy the snow, before tracking it all inside the house and demanding hot chocolate. 

Clearly, I need to practice some escapism, and on a related note, isn't it great how all my therapy is obviously WORKING? (MORE CRAZY LAUGHTER HERE.)

The whole approach I have to this sweatshirt is that A) it's cold so I need it. And B) I endured two snow days, and therefore I EARNED IT. 

Nike SF Air Force 1 High Tops

Nike SF Air Force 1 High Tops

Let me tell you the story of these shoes: Once upon a time, I saw them online. I initially dismissed them, but couldn't stop thinking about them. I pondered the amount of side eye I would receive from my husband, ultimately decided it was worth it, and they are now on their way to live in my closet. The END. 

Since my 30's REFUSE to give me clear and glowing skin (RUDE), and instead prefer to revert my skin to that of 14 year old Sherri, and her pizza face, well....this little gem may come in handy. Full disclosure: I haven't tried it yet. But I have high hopes in it's magical, zit-banishing powers. (Because it says so in the description, and everything you read on the internet is true.)

Let's be honest: this is already on it's way to my house. And I am JUST CERTAIN that I will look exactly like this while wearing it. 

(As long as the model comes in the UPS box.) 

There you have it! My snow day inspired Friday ways to escape my children Favorites.

(Jk. They're totally my all-time favorites. As long as they have school tomorrow.)