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friday faves : snow daze edition

Since it's Friday, and we're talking favorites, can I first share what is my UN-favorite of the week? 

Of course you can, Sherri! We are hanging on every word!

Having conversations with yourself is just one of the things you can expect following 2 days of children at home, in your face, hanging on your arm, going to the bathroom with you, and just generally giving you no privacy or space. (INSERT MANIC, CRAZY LAUGH HERE.)

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friday favorites : first of 2018

It's Friday Favorites guys! And guess what? Since it's my first Friday Faves in 2018, I tried to make it EXTRA AMAZING for y'all. 

Unfortunately, I failed to save the extra amazing version, SO you'll have to settle for the mediocre version I typed from memory while cursing sleepy Sherri who forgot to hit the freaking save button.

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friday faves : what the elf edition

It's Friday favorites, guys. You know what's NOT my Friday favorite? When school closes early because of what is essentially a blizzard to us southerners, and then YOUR POWER IMMEDIATELY GOES OUT. But on the upside, I learned what my kids' Friday favorite is : complaining. And arguing. And complaining some more.  

In what is obviously a healthy coping strategy (i.e. escapism), I decided to round up a list of things that have brightened my week, starting with this: everything at Anthropologie is 30% off! And we all know that snow = shopping weather = everything is free. Or something like that. 

Let's take a peek at a couple of my other favorites, shall we?

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