strawberry shortcake

Guess what guys??? As this goes live, my beautiful darlings are out of school for YET ANOTHER SNOW DAY. There WILL be a blog about snow days soon, because I HAVE SOME THOUGHTS. Namely, why do I live in the south if we are going to actually have to deal with snow and ice. You know who doesn't know how to drive on ice?  A girl who's lived in GA all her life. 

I know y'all think #bloggerlife is oh so fancy, but let me speak a little bit of truth: I really hate dressing up. I may or may not pray to Jesus daily for old ratty sweatpants with worn out waistbands to become SUPER FETCH. 

If I am in my house for more than 2 minutes, I require an elastic waistband. And I have definitely been guilty of wearing sweats when it is absolutely NOT socially appropriate. I do, however, TRY to wear REAL actual clothes when I'm out and about. Mainly so that if people ask what I do, I don't get side eye when I tell them I'm a fashion blogger. (Apparently I don't try hard enough, because I definitely get side eye ALL the time.)

Regardless, this outfit is casual perfection, and the formula is SO easy: 

Oversized sweater/sweatshirt + super ripped up denim + slip on sneaks. Starbucks optional. (Although really we all KNOW Starbucks is anything but optional.)

I'm gonna share a few of my favorite casual combos, and then I'm gonna suggest that you getcha some starbucks and GET ON IT. 





And remember, because it's a SNOW DAY, everything you buy is free. (In my mind, but whatever. I'm sure it still counts.)