FASTer Way to Fat Loss

Remember way back in college, when you could eat a chicken biscuit, drink a 36 oz mountain dew, and inhale a sleeve of pringles? In ONE SITTING? You didn't feel bad. You just rallied, ate some cookie dough, and then lost 5 lbs. 

Yeah, I hate College Sherri a little too. 

During last holiday season, I went a little too College Sherri, and forgot that I'm now 36 Year Old Sherri, who can't eat one chocolate chip without gaining 5 lbs. 

(36 Year Old Sherri is a lot more relatable. Let's be friends with her.)

Here's the thing people. I LOVE to workout. I believe I mentioned in THIS POST how it basically wards off Crazy Sherri. (And nobody likes HER.) Problem is, I've been killing myself at the gym, but never able to get my eating under control. Because I'm a stress eater. And you know what's stressful? RAISING CHILDREN. So I've basically been eating my face off for the last 8 years.

I've started and subsequently fallen off the wagon of too MANY health programs. Apparently, most healthy eating plans don't have room for gluten, carbs, chocolate, or funnel cakes. #rude

But, when Beth over at Seersucker and Saddles shared her results on the #FASTerWayToFatLoss program, I was all, body, we are DOING THIS. Then, I found out there was intermittent fasting involved, and I was all body, WE CANNOT DO THIS.  Because fasting scared me. I wasn't sure how I would make it past getting out of bed without eating something, and I really knew I could never workout that way. Also, was I joining a cult or something?

But here's the thing. Your body can do WAY more than you think it can. And fortunately, there's no chanting, robe-wearing, commune involved. Here are the things I will tell you about the program, list-style, because Wordy Sherri is trying to take over. 

5 things you need to know about FASTer Way to Fat Loss:

1. Amanda is an amazing online coach. She wants her clients to succeed, and will tell you exactly what you need to do in order to achieve your goals. Seriously, go follow her and prepare to #girlcrush. Hard. 

2. Eating all of my calories within an 8 hour window has changed. my. life.  I wake up, have tons of energy, go workout, and then just GET PRODUCTIVE. All of a sudden it's noon, and I get to break my fast. Seriously ladies, you will be shocked at how easily your body adapts to an 8-hour eating schedule. 

3.  You will eat a TON of food! You will still eat all of your calories (no calorie cutting here, NOPE), and honestly, you will feel like you are constantly eating during your 8 hour "fed" period. 

3. You will lose weight. But you will also gain confidence around making healthy choices, and you will be empowered by how much your body is capable of. 

4. If I can stick with this, absolutely ANYONE CAN DO IT.  I love cake, pie, candy, and chocolate more than any normal human should, and I can still have treats. I just plan for them.  (And now I have turned into a weight watchers commercial.)

Y’all, register ASAP for the February 11th round, because I hear spots are filling up fast. Plus, I would love for you to do it with me! We can send each other pictures of donuts on low carb days, and drool.

Here's a link up to a few of my fave #athleisure pieces for those who are like, yeah Sherri, that's great and all, but what about the fashion???  Gotcha covered. 

Until next time,