friday favorites : barre edition

Disclaimer: if you value your self-esteem, then DO NOT go get your picture taken with hot barre instructors, and then put it on the world wide web. Lucky for you, I enjoy virtually embarrassing myself.  

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Listen up, gang. If your version of exercise involves Netflixing like a boss, then a) what are you watching? Because I need a new show to binge. And B) WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING? Don't you know it's January, and therefore time to make fitness resolutions you  may or may not keep??

I'm a little bit of a freak, and actually enjoy exercise, mainly because IT KEEPS THE CRAZY AWAY. As a result, I've tried nearly every workout that exists, including running, tennis, HIIT, bootcamp, megaformer, CrossFit, kickboxing, spin, and various other levels of DEAR GOD, MAKE IT STOP.  

But y'all. I will always come back to barre as one of my absolute faves. Mainly because it lifts (your booty), lengthens (your muscles), tones (your jiggly parts), and makes me utter ALL THE BAD WORDS (just in my mind. I keep it classy). 

I started going to Pink Barre about 2 years ago, and absolutely adore the vibe there. For instance, when I am trying to hold a position that no normal human can hold, while simultaneously anxiety-sweating my way through my shirt, NO ONE LAUGHS AT ME. In fact, the instructors will encourage me to keep going, and I will actually TRY. (Because, if you've seen any of the Pink Barre instructors IRL, you know they are #goals and #motivation.)

There's also a little cardio blast, mid-class that I enjoy, and the instructors really know how to safely modify for injuries. This is a workout that ANYONE can do. Since my flexibility is approximately zero, and I've had all the old lady injuries over the years, I promise that if I can do it, SO CAN YOU.

And you SHOULD. Because Tara (the hottie on the right, and owner of Pink Barre #boss), is giving RATMJ readers a FREE WEEK OF CLASSES. All you have to do is call (404) 435-1094) or email the studio, and mention Rage Against the Mom Jean.

So what are you waiting for?? Go get your lifting, toning, and mental cursing on. You'll be so glad you did. 

Until next time,