flare + tunic

anthropologie tunic | j brand denim | free people booties | urban southern market tote (y'all. this is a MUST HAVE in my book) | rebel designs cuff | gorjana earrings | photos by jnelly photography

The first time I wore this outfit, I got schooled by my 7 year old. 

I decided to wear it while volunteering in AG's class, because HELLO, #gimmeallthe70sthings, and I'm not a regular mom, I'm a cool mom.

Or NOT. Because apparently, my shoes "embarrassed her." According to AG, moms who wear "sassy" shoes are clearly "mean, and "don't like children." 

Whoops. (Although it won't be the last time I embarrass you, and STOP JUDGING MY FASHION CHOICES, SEVEN YEAR OLD.) 

I believe y'all know by now the complete adoration I have for all things 70's. Like, if I could throw my hair into some braids, move to a commune and rename myself Sierra....let's just say, I would DO IT .  Maybe. Well, except for the lack of some basics, like say, my family, amazon prime, and netflix. You know. Just to name a few.

I spotted this tunic in my version of heaven Anthropologie. Where it was styled as a DRESS. A dress for ANTS, maybe. Since I'm not aiming to show my business to all the other moms in carpool, I chose to style it as a TUNIC. And y'all. There isn't much I love more than a sleeveless shift dress tunic worn over some flares. (except, ya know. My family, amazon prime, and netflix.)

Until next time,