day dress

striped dress, similar here | olive vest, similar here | converse sneakers | anthropologie necklace, similar here | madewell tote bag | photos by jnelly photography 

If I'm being honest with y'all, I LOVE this outfit...from the knees up.

Because, a striped dress is just THE EASIEST, MOST VERSATILE dress you can own. It's all, hey, I'm easy-breezy, super casual, AND OH THIS LITTLE THING? I JUST THREW IT ON, ALL EASY-BREEZY LIKE. I mean, pair it with literally anything. Especially, especially, an olive vest

This is a combo I reach for again and again, and you will too. And then you can tell your husband that the cost per wear is roughly .007 cents, and can he just STOP TALKING ABOUT HOW MANY CLOTHES YOU OWN??


But. This outfit, from the knees down, well, let's just say, I'm totally regretting my decisions. Do I love high tops? Why yes. Yes, I do. Do I love them with this dress? Hecks to the no, people.  This dress is just too long to pair with high-tops, and I'm thinking that low-top kicks would have been better. 

(I'm also thinking that I should never say "kicks" again.)

All that to say, #fashionbloggers have #fails too. At least this one does. 


Until next time,