friday faves : mom-ssentials

we're gonna depart from fashion (sort of) and embarrassing mom stories (probably), and talk about a couple of my absolute LIFE ESSENTIALS.  As in, my USE EVERY DAY, MUST HAVE, RUN DON'T WALK essentials. 

My "mom-ssentials" if you will. (And you will, because it's totally a thing now.)

just clickety-click the image to link to these items. I'm so fancy.

1. World's sassiest and most comfortable yoga leggings

Listen. these feel like you are literally wearing butter on your legs. (Because that wouldn't be weird.) plus, they are MOTO leggings. Which means people won't be all like, oh hey,  did you get a workout in? Because they will be afraid of you. 


2. Barefoot Dreams Circle Cardigan

This feels like you are wrapped in unicorn wings and cotton candy fluff. (Again, NORMAL.) It's also cute enough to put on with your moto leggings and wear out of the house.  (Or any leggings--this cardigan isn't picky.)

3. Espresso Maker

This was a Christmas gift, and I don't think I'm being dramatic when I say that IT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE.  

Also, is 7 espressos a day too many? ASKING FOR A FRIEND.

4. Dyson CORDLESS Vacuum:

If there is anything I use more in one day than this dyson, I dare you to find it. (You won't. Don't even try.)  Did little Johnny track in the entire contents of the neighborhood sandbox? NO WORRIES. Dyson is ON IT. Did sweet Emma drop all of her Cheerios on the floor? And THEN STOMP ON THEM? Dyson's GOT THIS. 

I legit use this probably 17 times a day, and would marry it if I could.

5. Lug "Puddle Jumper" Bag

Y'all.  I got one of these bags about 12 years ago, and STILL USE IT almost every day. It's either my gym bag, or my travel carry-on, depending on the situation. For example, am I working out? It's a gym bag.  Am I stress eating M&M's and Xanax, so that I don't cause an "incident" on an airplane? It's my carry on.  

Either way, it works.

6. UGG Lattice Cardy Boot

Some people hate UGGs and think they are ugly. And SOME PEOPLE find them basically necessary when the temps dip below 55 degrees. 

You can guess which kind of "people" I am. 

Happy Friday, y'all!