OTK Part Deux

Because, I am FANCY and say things like "deux" instead of two. 

No. I really do not.

free people sweater | hudson denim | charles by charles david boots | madewell bag | gorjana earrings | photos by jnelly photography

Disclaimer: I am not physically wearing this at the moment, because if I did, I would have a legit HEAT STROKE. Instead, I'm wearing actual flip flops. Which unfortunately, do not look right when worn over the knee

Hi, January? You're supposed to be cold. I got to wear my OTK boots for about 5 minutes this year, and then had to bust out my sandals. What is wrong with you? Go home, January. You're drunk. 

If you live in places where weather behaves normally, then ENJOY wearing this look. It's comfortable, casual, and you can literally perform ANY of your daily duties while wearing it. 

Unless you have random daily duties like, say, lobstering for example. 

(Because there are probably a lot of lobsterers (act like I said that right) who read this blog. Duh.)

If you live in the south, then you can just PIN this, while staring longingly at cozy cold weather clothing that HIDES the extra holiday poundage. 

I know I will. 

Until next time,