new year, same (ish) sherri

I'm obviously busy and important, and have many leather bound books

free people shirt (size down, generous fit) | topshop flare denim (size up) | booties | large monthly planner | urban southern clutch (similar)

I'm not gonna lie. Resolutions stress me out. And when I feel stressed, I basically "resolve" to put my pjs on at 4pm and binge watch the Crown.

(Except I can't, because my kids are divas and think it's "boring.")

(They also won't go to bed at 4pm so I can watch tv. Rude.)

When it comes to resolutions & goals, I have an all or nothing mentality. So what typically happens is that I set ALL THE UNREALISTIC GOALS, and expect to accomplish them in  approximately 24-48 hours. 

Examples of past resolutions: 

1.  Drink 5 gallons of water every day. (Drinks 2 cups of water, followed by 17 espressos).

2. Sugar is the devil and therefore I will never eat it again. Like ever. (Goes 5 whole hours without chocolate, and starts to get the shakes.)

3. Give up coffee.  (Immediately scratches this one off the list, because I'm just not here for life without coffee.)

4. Lose 5 lbs in 2 minutes, because I want to be "healthy." (Gets a spray tan because it's basically the same thing.)

With all that said, this year I'm going to try something new and different. I am going to set actual realistic goals. You can all hold me accountable, except don't just in case, mkaythanks.

Goal #1 : Get up at 6am, so I can actually get things done. You know, as opposed to waking up and being thrown straight into the hell that is getting kids ready for school. It might be nice to actually be productive before 7am. 

Goal #2 : Be more present, especially with my family. Because when your kids are old enough to ask you to put your phone down, it makes you feel ALL KINDS OF BAD. 

Goal #3 : Be nicer to myself. Stop looking in the mirror and focusing on the things I don't like (of which I have many). Stop expecting perfection (of which I have none). 

Goal #4 : Get Michelle Obama's arms. (Okay, FINE. Realistically, get strong enough to do at least one pull-up. I'm sure Michelle's arms will follow.)

What are your goals, friends? Is this your year? Or are you giving 2018 the side eye, like I am?

Watching you, 2018.