netflix and chill

Warning: If you're over 35, "netflix and chill" does not mean what you think it means

So, hypothetically, OF COURSE, should you post on insta that you're going home to "netflix and chill" with your husband, you may have just told the internet that you're planning to go home and get it on. 

You will learn this because one of your fellow snapchat moms will message you and be all, um Sherri, I don't think that means what you think it means

Nope. It does not. 

I'm sorry, but who decided that "netflix and chill" was anything other than watching freaking House of Cards and lounging on your couch in pjs?  NOT MOMS, that's who.

The next time I promote said netflixing and chilling on any type of social media, be aware that it involves sweatpants Sherri, some chocolate, and the Real Housewives. M-kay?

(Also? Be aware that you should check out Urban Dictionary before you decide to say anything "the kids" are saying these days.)

Sherri Dickens