black friday

caslon shirt | madewell skirt (on major sale!) | louise et cie booties (major sale!) | bauble bar choker (hey look! Another black friday sale!) | sugarboo clutch | photos by jnelly photography

I know, I know. I'm a little behind with this post. I mean, apparently, Black Friday started back in August this year. 

But I'm kind of old-fashioned when it comes to Black Friday. I tend to think it should happen on the actual day AFTER Thanksgiving. Because, what is more appropriate after a day of giving thanks, than to go shop our faces off? 

I kid. Perhaps.

I'm also a Black Friday Traditionalist (do you like how that sounds like a real thing?) in that I prefer to be in the physical stores to do my shopping. I mean, I COULD online shop from the comfort of my bed while wearing sweats and binge watching The Crown. OR, I could go be amongst the people, pushing and shoving to grab the last faux fur coat at Anthropologie. 

(In spite of my love for all things netflix and sweatpants, now let's imagine that first scenario with a screaming 2 year old, climbing all over my laptop.  I'll take the aggressive shoppers ANY DAY, thankyouverymuch.)

Regardless, it is my (self-appointed) duty as a blogger to inform you of ALL THE SALES TODAY. And to remind you that by spending a ridiculous amount of money today "because it was such a good deal," you are ACTUALLY SAVING MONEY.  

(Lord knows, your husband won't acknowledge that. So I'll do it for him.)

Let's stop in at a few of our favorites, shall we?


(Also, although I generally try to buy only for others on Black Friday, I feel that it would go against the entire spirit of giving to not GIVE MYSELF THIS COAT.)

NORDSTROM : EXTRA 20% SAVINGS ON SALE (The skirt, shirt, AND booties above are ALL FROM NORDSTROM. ALL ON SALE. Which basically means you can get them for free today. You know, roughly.)


Madewell :  I'm just gonna go ahead and tell y'all that this is the perfect gift to give someone on your Christmas list. Unless you hate them. In which case, you can give their 2 year old THIS toy.

SHOPBOP : 25% off with GOBIG16. (Go big or save your child's college fund, is what I like to say.)

Now for a few others, that frankly, I can't build widgets for because I'm trying to get all my Christmas shopping done in the next 10 minutes. (But these sales are also SO FAB and you should probably check them out.)

(Also how fun is it to say "widget?" Go ahead. I'll wait.)

NOONDAY COLLECTION : Y'all know I have a love affair with Noonday. Today through Tuesday, you can shop this link and get up to 75% off on some really awesome pieces. But don't wait around because EVERYTHING MIGHT BE GONE AND OH THE PRESSURE AND I NEED TO HURRRYYYYYYYYY AND BUY ALL THE THINGS!!!

(That's pretty much my state of mind on black friday in general.)

BAUBLEBAR : 30% OFF WITH CODE THANKS30 (my choker in the above photos is from Baublebar, along with LOTS OF OTHER AMAZINGNESS. No brainer, y'all.)

Update: in my excitement to actually get to Anthropologie (let's be honest), I basically FORGOT TO END MY POST.  #worldsokayestblogger

Let's pause for a laugh, and a #blessyourheart, and then go forth to get yo shop on!