friday faves : mom edition

Meet my favorite must-haves for moms.  *Disclaimer : these TOTALLY work for those who aren't moms, those who are grandmas, and those who have ever even just seen a kid in real life. 

>> when sweatpants are this cute, they become "joggers." when they are called joggers, they basically become dress pants.

Rationalizing. It's a gift.

>> "I'm a cool mom" kicks.  These are like a gift from fashion to moms.  Because they are super cute. Super comfortable. And will make your husband ask you 20 times if you recently became  a rapper.   Which will allow you to kick him. With your great new shoes.

>> the world's best tinted moisturizer. I pretty much gave up wearing foundation after the Cakey Foundation Incident of 2002. Tinted moisturizer is the best alternative, since it combines about 37 steps in ONE.  #efficient 

>> well kept wipes.  I a teeny bit aggressively excited when using these device cleaning wipes. a) look at the packaging?! (If you think I won't buy something just based on the cute packaging alone, then you may not have ever read this blog.)  b) you may start obsessively cleaning your phone 37 times a day. And your iPad. And your husband's phone. And probably your friends phones. (Do this when they aren't looking. Sometimes this can seem SLIGHTLY INSANE.)

>> favorite dry shampoo.  This really needs no explanation does it?  #dirtyhairdontcare (actually, I do. So I will use the heck out of my dry shampoo on. the. regular.)

>> la roche posay sunscreen serum.  As I've mentioned-I am LAZY.  The less steps, the less crazy Sherri makes an appearance. (And that is good for everyone.) This lightweight serum goes on super smooth, and is pretty much magical. 

What are your favorite mom products?  (Tell me so I can buy them all. Especially the ones with cute packaging.)

Until next time,



Sherri Dickens