the velvet blazer

happy almost thanksgiving y'all! Also known as WHY ARE MY KIDS OUT OF SCHOOL ALL WEEK? 

I'm SO excited to celebrate and give thanks on Thursday.  But, you know what else I'm excited about? BLACK FRIDAY! CYBER MONDAY! ALL THE DEALS!

(Apparently Sherri drank ALL THE COFFEE.)

Anyway, I've been busy researching the perfect gifts for my holiday gift guides. If by "researching" I mean accidentally on purpose sending typed, double-spaced, and linked up wish lists to John throughout the workday. #itsfine #becauseitsresearch #duh

I'm gonna post those on the blog later this week, but for a little preview, just click on GIFT GUIDES at the top of this page. I'm breaking them down by category, and will be adding to this list throughout the holiday season.  So check back early and often. Or just live here on the blog 24/7 til January. That's fine too. 

And NOW that THAT's out of the way, let's discuss velvet blazers, want to? Listen up y'all. There's no easy way to say this, so I'll just be bossy: GET A DANG VELVET BLAZER. NOW. . Not only does it fancy up basically ANYTHING on your lower half (with the exception of chaps, banana hammocks, and maybe JORTS), you will probably start constantly petting yourself in front of other people. 

(This is a little awkward, and not recommended. But, if it happens, just yell UNICORN BABIES, and run away.)

(I'm normal. Maybe.)

To recap, here's your holiday look formula: 

Velvet blazer + silk cami + distressed jeans = you'd better ENJOY YOUR NIGHT, because the babysitter is taking home your life savings.  

(But you look awesome. And looking awesome is half the battle.)

Until next time, 

G.I. Sherri