anniversary sale tips and tricks

billabong top | denim skirt (sold out but this one is even better) | sam edelman shoes | madewell transport tote | *this entire outfit is from Nordstrom. That's why it is our BELOVED. 

As we speak, the Sale That Shall Not Be Named is about to commence. You may know it by it's other name: The Sale that Causes John to Twitch Every Time A Package Arrives. Clearly, I'm referring to Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale. And since it's the most wonderful/annoying time of the year, I wanted to share a few of my tips and tricks to shop the sale LIKE THE BOSS THAT YOU ARE.


I'm gonna disregard this entire question and assume you are an actual alien. And you saw what Will Smith did to the aliens in Independence Day.  But just in case you are a human still in possession of a good credit score, the #nsale (Nordstrom Anniversary Sale) is all every blogger, fashionista, and any of the insta-famous will be talking about for the next 3 weeks. Prepare to be highly annoyed but also shop your face off.  

*The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is a reverse sale, which means prices on new fall items are slashed 40%-60% percent off, and then on August 6th, the prices go back up to their normal, crazy-high starting points. 

Well, my best friend's sister's cousin's neighbor says she gets to do Early Access.  What's that all about?

Early Access begins on July 12th, and is open to anyone with a Nordstrom Credit Card.. Yes, it is true that with a credit card,  you run the risk of accidentally on purpose forgetting to check your balance. Which might lead to a fun little surprise when you open your statement. AHEM.  But you also need to know that EVERYTHING GOOD WILL BE GONE BY THE TIME THE SALE OPENS TO THE PUBLIC, SO GET A CREDIT CARD. Just have better boundaries and self-discipline than me. 

(Jk, they do restock a lot of the great deals, BUT not always. In this case, it is really nice to be able to shop early and snag the most coveted items, even if you only use the card for the sale, and then immediately pay it off.)  

So Sherri, what should be on my "must-have" list?  

Oh my gosh, THANKS FOR ASKING. Because I have some THOUGHTS. In my opinion, the Anniversary Sale is the perfect time to stock up on all the "OMG I'd NEVER SPEND THAT MUCH ON (fill in the blank)" items.  For example, I'm typically all OMG, I'd never spend hundreds of dollars on a purse, because I will destroy it/fill it up with kid crap/let my hidden chocolate stash melt all in the bottom/have a permanent marker leak all over it. The very day I bring it home. In a nutshell, the items I'm gonna be looking to snag include: 

A great pair of denim #always

A versatile purse I can wear with everything #duh

A leather jacket. (*Rolls eyes and thinks of the 17 jackets in her closet.)

37 pairs of new shoes, because have you SEEN THE CATALOG? OH EM GEE THE SHOES. I think they made me cry a little.  Seriously, though, this is a great time to purchase those OTK boots you've been coveting, or those peep-toed booties that you've already bonded with and may or may not have named.

Yeah Sherri, that's great and all, but everything at Nordstrom is a gazillion dollars and therefore out of my budget.

FALSE. People are always scared of Nordstrom (and I'm not just talking about my husband). There's a misconception that only designer brands and prices are stocked. In reality, Nordstrom offers a HUGE selection of affordable items too. PROMISE. And they only become affordable-ER during the sale. 

If it seems overwhelming, that's because it TOTALLY IS. But guys, don't ya worry your pretty little heads about it. I'm going to be posting my sale finds and faves across pretty much ALL the categories, starting with a post on the absolute MUST HAVES (at least in my book). That's going live this Thursday, the 12th. I will also keep all my favorites posted here, and will be updating throughout the sale. Plus, I'll be sharing my top fives daily (ish) in my IG Stories. So get your shopping fingers ready, and let's do this thang.

(And by this thang, I mean, let's become deeply acquainted with our UPS drivers on a close personal level, as we will likely start seeing them on a daily basis.)

(Unless you're John, in which case we won't. Also, no, it's NOT new, I've had it forever, and the UPS truck definitely wasn't here 3 times yesterday.) 

(It was four.)

Until next time,