fall's best leopard

Things we know for sure:

1. Leopard is HUGE this fall.

2. Leopard is basically a neutral.

3. Sherri will call ANYTHING a neutral if it means she can wear it more often.

4. She will also put her “shopping addiction” to good use in the name of research for her amazing blog readers. (That’s you.)

Anyway, y’all. Leopard is EVERYWHERE right now. And imma need everyone to put aside their inhibitions about leopard. Wear leopard shoes. Wear leopard shirts. Wear leopard pants. (Just don’t wear it all together, okay?)

I’ve put together a scientific (shop-itific? YES.) grouping of leopard subjects. Because this is NECESSARY AND IMPORTANT RESEARCH. And hey, if you need to do a “little research” on your own, then I highly suggest any of the below. And if I need to study any of these in a little more detail, well then, I really can’t be held responsible.

It’s science.

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