moto style with Triumph

Disclaimer: guys, there is a sweet, sweet discount code for those who love me enough to read to the bottom of this post. #muahahahaha #seewhatIdidthere Seriously though, AS WE KNOW, discounts are free money. You’re actually saving money and being frugal. Your husband won’t agree. Nor will your accountant. #itsfine #sherrimathFTW

triumph moto jacket (see below for 15% off discount code!) | j.jill tank | asos skirt | 1.STATE booties | photos by JNelly Photography

Believe me, if anyone can get stuck in a “I only shop at these 3 places” rut, it’s ME. (Hi Nordstrom! Hi Anthropologie! Call me!)

Sometimes though, I like to look for style in places that AREN’T my go-tos. That interesting store in the little town on your road trip. The girls section in your favorite department store. (I mean, you WILL have to size up. Like, a LOT. And even then, you may or may not look like a stuffed sausage in that tween’s jacket you picked out. And by you, I mean ME.)

(You may also embarrass your daughter by wearing the same outfit she has on. #whoops #sorrynotsorry)

Listen, I’m not even afraid to check the men’s department. Think shoes, shirts, and muscle tees. My favorite white button-down is a men’s slim cut. (P.S. You’ll get to size down here. WINNING.)

But y’all. Even I hadn’t thought to check Triumph Motorcycles. So, when Triumph reached out, and asked if I’d style one of their most popular leather jackets, I was all, well you just said two of my favorite words, “leather” and “jacket,” so HECK YES.

I mean, I like to pretend to specialize in badassery, but this jacket is the real deal guys. And there's no pretend badassery here. It’s a hundred percent legit. (The jacket’s, I mean. Not mine. My badassery is suuuuuper pretend.) Bonus: Not only will I just look cool during carpool, I actually COULD go jump on my (hypothetical) motorcycle anytime I want.

Here’s the best part, y’all. My friends at Triumph are offering 15% off your purchase if you use the code TriumphSherri15. And FYI, let us not underestimate the t-shirt selection. I may or may not have accidentally bought them all, and am wearing them at any and every opportunity. Like. while writing this post. This one even went with me to fashion week. BOOM.

Let’s all think outside the box, rock our SUPER LEGIT moto gear, and look like the badasses that we actually, really, ALREADY are.

Until next time,