friday faves : shopbop sale

indiana beach dress  |  eyelet short sleeve top  |  frame mini bootcut crop denim  | leather slip on sneakers | ittou earrings  | perforated mules  | arden flounce bikini  | tassel wall hanging | gingham OTS dress 

Well, unless you guys live under a rock somewhere, then you have heard about the Shopbop sale that is currently being shoved down your throat by bloggers everywhere. (it's okay. It's what we do.) Here are my picks, along with an idea of what may or may not be going to a good home in my closet very shortly....(let's say it together) unless you are John, in which case it's not. 

We basically have everything represented here, from cool wall art, to a bikini that I WISH I COULD WEAR (and if you can, then congratulations, buy that sucker today, and maybe consider wearing it for your Easter dress), to an adorable gingham dress that's all, look at me! I'm a sassy farmer! Or something like that. Whatever your taste, I've got you covered. 

Remember to use the code EVENT17, and you'll get 20% off orders under $500, and 25% off orders over $500. 

Also remember to pray that your husband isn't home when the UPS guy arrives. 

Until next time,