the extra long tunic

leith tunic, similar here | ag denim (ON SALE, Use code EVENT17)| bp shoes | anthropologie jacket | noonday cuff | noonday earrings | nordstrom sunglasses (only $12!) | photos by jnelly photography 

Most of the moms I know love a shirt that covers the hiney. (We also love to say embarrassing things like "hiney." #sorrynotsorry). 

This one is particularly fun, because it's got that high-low, knotted front thing going on. I added a tank underneath in a contrasting color. Mainly because I'm 36 and ain't nobody need to see me in a crop top, m-kay?

I threw on my new favorite denim jacket, because I'm sassy like that, and I kind of enjoy mixing up my hemlines. (Whoa, Sherri, let's DON'T GET CRAZY.)

(To which I say, TOO LATE.)

Finally, I capped off this comfy, mom-style look with my new all time favorite shoes. If you have any doubts about a shoe with a bow being trendy, then let's review. 

Are they mules? CHECK.

Are they blush (aka spring's must-have color?) YEP.

Are they COMFORTABLE AS ALL GET OUT? HECKS YES they are, people

So basically, you can apply this checklist and learn that you better buy these babies like, yesterday. P.S. if you're all, but they're pink with a bow, and I'm SO NOT a pinky-bow kinda girl, well, I FEEL YA. I edged them up a bit with some distressed gray denim, and voila. Bows and bad-assery. 

(Act like it's a word.)

Until next time,