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the best white denim

When I tell you that white denim is an ALL SEASON STAPLE, I know there are those of you that are all, But, Sherri, what does that MEAN? It means you need to get your hands on some flattering white jeans, FAST. (I mean, don't steal them or anything. But do overnight them to your house if possible.) 

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the extra long tunic

Most of the moms I know love a shirt that covers the hiney. (We also love to say embarrassing things like "hiney." #sorrynotsorry). 

This one is particularly fun, because it's got that high-low, knotted front thing going on. I added a tank underneath in a contrasting color. Mainly because I'm 36 and ain't nobody need to see me in a crop top, m-kay?

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the choker tee

Every once in awhile, an outfit comes along and you quickly recognize it as the outfit version of a soulmate. 

Because that's not weird. AT ALL.

This is my outfit soulmate.  I mean, it's a graphic tee with a built in choker (just marinate on that awesomeness for a minute), a leather jacket, studded booties, and gray distressed jeans. Yes, yes, yes, and HECKS YES, people!

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