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living that lemon life

You know what they always say: When life gives you lemons, slap 'em on every piece of clothing you own and wear the heck outta them. 

What? Is that not how it goes?

But seriously y'all, lemons are fetch and also EVERYWHERE. They are this year's palm print, if you will. And you will, because I'm the Regina George of this blog. 

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friday favorites : swimsuit edition

It's friday favorites time! And YOU get a bathing suit, and YOU GET A BATHING SUIT. (Unless you don't want one. Also you have to buy it. Do I look like Oprah over here?)

Wait, I need a minute to think about what it would like to be Oprah. I would give stuff away all the live long day. And call myself Shoprah. This is obviously normal and NOT WEIRD AT ALL to be thinking about. 


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the choker tee

Every once in awhile, an outfit comes along and you quickly recognize it as the outfit version of a soulmate. 

Because that's not weird. AT ALL.

This is my outfit soulmate.  I mean, it's a graphic tee with a built in choker (just marinate on that awesomeness for a minute), a leather jacket, studded booties, and gray distressed jeans. Yes, yes, yes, and HECKS YES, people!

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