flares FTW

flare denim | muscle tee | wedges | mvmt watch | photos by jnelly photography

It's Friday, and on Friday, WE FAVORITE. (Except really it's Saturday, and I MAY have gotten up too early to watch the Royal Wedding. And I MAY be wondering if I can trick Bo into thinking it's quiet time already.) 

(And it MAY actually be Monday, because PROCRASTINATION.)

Regardless, there's nothing more favorite for me right now than these flares. 

Fine. I GUESS my husband, children, and family are bigger favorites. But it's close. 

In case you didn't know, flares are seriously universally flattering on every single body type. EVERY SINGLE ONE. Says the (self-appointed, and in no way real) expert.

The first time I wore these, I had an older gentleman stop me and be all "I wore those when I was teenager!" And then I was all "well, I hope you didn't or else they really need washing, har de har har."

And then he walked away muttering something about cheesy jokes and people who think they're funny.

All that to say, you need flares in your life if you care about things like having long legs that look amazing. Forget the gym. Just get some flares. 

Because I love y'all, and because I apparently want everyone else's shopping habits to be as excessive as mine, I've rounded up some of my current favorite flares. Your credit card companies can thank me later. 

Until next time,