kimono style

asos kimono (similar here) | free people flares | z supply tee | mvmt watch (sherri15 will get ya 15% off, y'all) | mvmt sunglasses (sherri15 applies here too!) | photos by jnelly photography

Because I am a highly skilled and super professional blogger, I built this post around a kimono that is NOW SOLD OUT. #bloggergoals #worldsokayestblogger

What I can tell you is this: I have never received more compliments on a piece of clothing than this Asos kimono.  

(Which again, you cannot have, because it's not there anymore. I'll do better next time.)


(I won't. We know me.)

Kimonos are honestly my favorite thing to throw on these days, and there are some real outfit makers in stores right now. And I've rounded up a few of my current favorites down below. BECAUSE I AM CLEARLY SUPER HELPFUL LIKE THAT. 

Allow me to educate you on why we love kimonos: 

1. They're a super light layer that you can throw on during the spring and summer months. Also known as the season where it'll be 100 degrees outside and 52 degrees inside. 

2. They are amazing paired with basically any kind of denim : cutoffs, skinnies, crops, and/or these flares that I am now married to. (Which is totally normal and FINE, okay?! Stop looking at me like that.)

3. Kimonos can double as a super casual coverup on a beach trip. And people will be all, whoa look at that girl rocking her kimono over her bathing suit, she's so fashion-y. 

(When really she was just too lazy to pack an actual coverup.)

P.S. It's taking all of my (nonexistent) restraint to not throw every single one of these into my shopping cart, and be all SHERRI ONLY WEARS KIMONOS NOW.

Restraint is overrated, plus it's Mother's Day weekend so I can't be held responsible for anything. What? Is that not how it works? 

Until next time,