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sherri's may faves (aka belated Mother's Day gift guide)

Let’s call this one A Mother’s Day Gift Guide (If Only Sherri Had Decent Time Management Skills.)

But we know Sherri. So, instead, we'll now refer to this post as Sherri’s May Faves. Don’t forget to stop and read the captions that took me an embarrassingly long time to put together, and ended up causing me to post late. Yeah. It’s totally the CAPTIONS FAULT, and NOT my procrastination and lack of discipline.

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amazon and appendicitis

Well, sometimes you plan to have all kinds of great holiday content pre-planned and ready to go the moment Black Friday hits. You just KNOW you’ll be super organized and on top of it, JUST LIKE ALWAYS AND WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING LIKE THAT?

#rude #butalsoaccurate

My goal was to plan content for the entire month of December, well in advance. And by “well in advance,” I mean November 29th, because apparently I DO NOT understand my actual personality or my organizational capabilities.

But, as The People Who Make Up Cheesy Quotes once said, Life is what happens when you’re busy making plans. And I’d just like to rephrase that in a way that feels more authentic:

Appendicitis is what happens WHEN YOU’RE BUSY MAKING PLANS. x

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(last minute) vday for him

Y'all can just thank my extreme procrastination and inability to multitask for the fact that this is going up the DAY BEFORE Valentine's Day.  So, lean in close....this is what we're gonna do. Should you be an extreme procrastinator like me (duh. you're my people), then we're taking a note from the husband's playbook. We'll buy the gift, and then PRINT A PHOTO to slip inside a valentine's card.  GENIUS. 

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last minute gifts under $100

Let's be honest fam, some of you have waited til the last minute to finish your Christmas shopping. And by some of you, I mean myself, and those of you who are my people.  Others of you had all your holiday shopping done by November 1st, and to you I say this: can you come organize my life? Pleaseandthankyou.

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the most target-y time of the year

Well, it's here, y'all. It's the most wonderful time of the year. And by that, I mean, it's the time of year where John and I almost get thrown in Target jail for essentially looking sketchy AF, as we complete our annual 30 and 30 Stocking Stuffer Challenge. 

In case you missed it last year, here's how it works:  Go to your local Target, give each other 30 minutes on the clock and $30 cash, scream GO as loudly as you can (startle some innocent bystanders in the process), and fill the other's Christmas stocking like a freaking boss. 

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