sherri's may faves (aka belated Mother's Day gift guide)

denim jumpsuit | leather fringe earrings | madewell sunglasses | madewell band ring | Chasing Cherubs necklace (no longer available, similar here) | Well Kept wipes (essentially a lifetime fave at this point. I legit buy in bulk.) | Dyson Airwrap hairstyler here’s the deal: This costs an obscene amount of cash money. I know this. BUT, I use it every single day. Every. Single. Day. If you’ve ever complimented my hair, first of all THANK YOU, and second of all, this magical hair device is the reason. P.S. It’s a Dyson, therefore it will basically live forever. And #sherrimath just tried her best to make it free for you.)

Let’s call this one A Mother’s Day Gift Guide (If Only Sherri Had Decent Time Management Skills.)

But we know Sherri. So, instead, we'll refer to this post as Mother's Day Gifts You Give Yourself Sherri’s May Faves. Don’t forget to stop and read the captions that took me an embarrassingly long time to put together, and ended up causing me to post late. Yeah. It’s totally the CAPTIONS FAULT, and NOT my procrastination and lack of discipline.

P.S. In case anybody ELSE has a tendency to procrastinate, say, for example, when gift buying for a certain upcoming holiday….you can still get some of these items here by Sunday. Probably. You may have to pay 8 million dollars in priority shipping costs, but hey…she’s worth it, right? Also, do NOT attempt the homemade coupon book, especially if you are over the age of 30. This ONLY works for actual children, unless your “coupons” are AMEX gift cards, and spa gift certificates. (From a REAL SPA, and not “John’s Day Spa That is Actually our House.”


I can personally vouch for many of these favorites, as I’m apparently wearing or using at least 5 of them in the photos above. Feel free to Where’s Waldo this situation, and leave me a comment if you find them all. Go ahead and send this gift guide helpful blog post to your spouse, children, and any friends who love you this many dollars worth. It is NOT AT ALL ANNOYING, no matter how hard your husband rolls his eyes when you show it to him.

Tell me some things you’re loving this month, so I can annoy John helpfully share them for future gifting opportunities.

It’s fun to be married to me.

Until next time,