who run the world?

I know that I snark on motherhood. A lot. But it’s not because I don’t love it; it’s because there aren’t enough words in the world to tell you what these two mean to me. If I think about it too hard, I’ll probably start to cry and snot everywhere (#attractive), so I will just say this: even in the middle of hard, crazy, messy, chaotic, and frustrating, I know exactly how lucky I am to be their mom. And that’s what I’m celebrating today.

Who run the world?


(If, by “world,” what Beyonce actually meant was: the entire household, everyone’s schedules, and afternoon carpool. Then, yes. #accurate)

But, you know who else runs the world? The girl for whom Mother’s Day isn’t all breakfast in bed and homemade cards. She might be longing to be a mother, or she might be missing her own mother. If that’s you this Mother’s Day, then I am so sorry. Know that I wish I could reach through your screen, hug your neck, and tell you how strong and awesome you are. And then give YOU a gift too. Just for being you. (Also, because I’ve now renamed today ‘WHO RUN THE WORLD’ DAY. And you’re a world runner, I can tell.)

And how about those of you who ARE moms, but are just swallowed up with #momguilt, shame, and perceived failure. But, Sherri, how did you know? Because I basically live there. (Which, incidentally, is NOT at Nordstrom like John says.) If you’re currently losing the battle with mom guilt today, remember this: nobody is better suited to be THEIR MOM. Nobody. You are exactly the mom they need. And that should be celebrated today too.

Basically, being a mom is hard. And not being a mom is hard. And so, today, I’m all YOU GET A GIFT! AND YOU GET A GIFTT! AND YOU GET A GIFT!


Because ain’t nobody over here have Oprah’s bank account.



Until next time,