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who run the world?

Who run the world?


(If, by “world,” what Beyonce actually meant was: the entire household, everyone’s schedules, and afternoon carpool. Then, yes. #accurate)

But, you know who else runs the world? The girl for whom Mother’s Day isn’t all breakfast in bed and homemade cards. She might be longing to be a mother, or she might be missing her own mother. If that’s you this Mother’s Day, then I am so sorry. Know that I wish I could reach through your screen, hug your neck, and tell you how strong and awesome you are. And then give YOU a gift too. Just for being you. (Also, because I’ve now renamed today ‘WHO RUN THE WORLD’ DAY. And you’re a world runner, I can tell.)

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mom truth

There are two types of people when it comes to daylight savings time. There are the ones who bounce out of bed and are all, YAY it's spring! Let us frolic around outside because it won't even get dark until 8pm and life is amazing!

Then, there are those of us who are like WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO RUIN MY LIFE, DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME? YOU ARE DEAD TO ME. (Except when it's finally warm, and I can sit on a patio and watch the sunset at 8:30pm. Then we can be friends. But not in the mornings.)

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