mom truth

There are two types of people when it comes to daylight savings time. There are the ones who bounce out of bed and are all, YAY it's spring! Let us frolic around outside because it won't even get dark until 8pm and life is amazing!

Then, there are those of us who are like WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO RUIN MY LIFE, DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME? YOU ARE DEAD TO ME. (Except when it's finally warm, and I can sit on a patio and watch the sunset at 8:30pm. Then we can be friends. But not in the mornings.)

All I want to do is crawl back into my bed and STAY THERE ALL THE DAY LONG. But kids are rude divas who insist on things like breakfast, and being driven to school. 

Now that my little DST rant is out of the way, let's chat about mom guilt. Because, if you're like me, this is something you experience on the regular. And while I may not be #worldsbestmom, I am at least not a total delinquent. So, today, I'm going to try and ease your mom guilt with a few #momtruths that hopefully make you feel like, "hey we're all in this together," and not all, "hey we might need to call DFCS on Sherri." 

Mom Truth #1. It's okay to hide in your pantry and eat your kiddos halloween/valentines/easter stash. You are actually helping THEM not eat it. Which means you're basically winning at motherhood and life.

Mom Truth #2. It's okay to actually loathe your kids....nearly as much as  you love them. Especially if any of the following are involved: bath time, legos, potty training, getting them to put their shoes on, running errands, public tantrums, any of the Kidz Bop albums, and/or Dora the Explorer. NO MAS.

Mom Truth #3. It's okay to tell your kids you are listening to a really important podcast on your headphones, when really you just want to listen to music with bad words. 

Mom Truth #4.  It's okay to lock the door of your bathroom and pretend you can't see the little fingers waving at you through the crack. 

Mom Truth #5. It's okay to accidentally ON PURPOSE toss the broken dollar store toys that they have somehow become emotionally attached to. Ps. do this while they're at school. Duh. 

Mom Truth #6. It's okay to lie to them about Santa Claus, the tooth fairy, and the fact that their halloween candy "went bad."  They will need therapy because of you anyway, so why not at least let them enjoy the magic of childhood?

Mom Truth #7.  It's MORE THAN okay to not want to Pinterest Mom today. (Or possibly ever.)

Mom Truth #8. It's okay to threaten to disown any of them that even attempt getting into your chocolate stash. (They shouldn't know where it is, by the way. Rookie mistake.)

Mom Truth #9. It's okay to cheat at Uno sometimes.  Or all the time.

Mom Truth #10. It's okay to have to pray to Jesus to survive their homework, while also phoning a friend to ensure that you actually understand it. FIRST GRADE IS HARD,  Y'ALL. 

Mom Truth #11. To tell your kids that NO, quiet time is not over....because you really, REALLY need to know what went down between Dorit and Erica on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. 

Mom Truth #12. To be a tiny bit afraid of the little psychos. 

See? #momtruth for the win! What are your #momtruths?  

Until next time (i'll be hiding in the pantry/bathroom/watching the Real Housewives),