friday favorites : kimono edition

kimono (unavailable. I know, I know. #FAIL. BUT, below I have some of my current favorite kimono options that are EVEN. BETTER.) | rag and bone tee | joie denim (similar) | sam edelman shoes (similar) | rebecca minkoff hobo | photo by jnelly photography

Y'all. Kimonos are a legit THING. I have enjoyed them for quite awhile, and am going to treat you to this picture from LAST YEAR. Do you know what that means? 

It means this trend has a little thing we like to call staying power. 

(And by "we," I mean, "me." Because it's cool to talk about yourself as if you are multiple people. That won't get you thrown into the loony bin.)

(Yes. It will.)

Anyway, here are the following ways I enjoy styling kimonos:

1. With skinny jeans/white jeans/boyfriend jeans/and even Khloe Kardashian's cute new jean line.  

anthropologie kimono (similar here) | rag and bone shorts | sam edelman gladiators | rayban aviator sunglasses | pure + good tank (similar here) | photo by jnelly photography 

2. With cutoff shorts and a sassy top. 

3. Over my bathing suit. Which no one will see on this blog (OR THE GENERAL INTERNET) ever, ever, ever. Because I actually LIKE YOU, dear reader.

4. Belted, and worn over a dress. (ADVANCED FASHION MOVE ALERT! Proceed with caution! J/k, you can totally do it.)

5. Belted, and worn over a cute tank and your flares. Because flares make everything in life better, we're pretty sure. 

6. With the weirdest, most unflattering pants I've ever seen, like in the above picture from Free People. (No. Even this kimono can't save this look.)

How do you kimono?  (We totally think it's a verb now.)

Until next time,