stripes + oxfords

striped sweater | boyfriend denim | cole haan oxfords | rebecca minkoff bag | photos by jnelly photography 

(*If it tells you anything about my state of mind, I wrote this post on Monday, THOUGHT I POSTED IT, and just realized I never took it off draft. Whoops. Apparently I left my spray tan AND my sanity on vacation.)

Since the weather can't make up it's mind, you should all probably go ahead and buy this sweater. I'm assuming we will need it when it snows in June this year. 


At any rate, I have a case of the Mondays. I arrived home this morning on a red eye from Hawaii. I tried to "lose" my drivers license before we got to the airport, but John wouldn't let me. I should've been sleeping for the last 10 hours, but instead was death gripping the seat, pretending to watch a movie, and praying under my breath. There may have been rocking involved. 

Can someone invent an airplane that rolls on the ground? (Um, someone DID, Sherri, and it's called a car.) Fine. Can someone invent a way to drive a car to places like Hawaii? In like an hour? M-kay thanks.

Anyway, I arrived home to one child who started crying when he saw me, and another child who's  first questions was, WHAT DID YOU BRING ME, MOMMY? 

(Oh, I brought you my dirty're welcome. Can you learn to wash clothes please?)

See? THE MONDAYS. So, what will I do? I will bravely put on these sneaker oxfords (SNOXFORDS, because it's A THING NOW.), and get to HUSTLING. Because that's what moms do.

After their mid-morning nap, of course.

Until next time,