white booties

asos dress | free people booties | bp clutchphoto by jnelly photography

Sometimes, a trend comes along that just SPEAKS TO YOU. You don't know why.  It really doesn't make sense, and you're not even sure it's all that flattering. But for some unknown reason, you just want to wear the heck out of it. 

The fringe jacket of 2014. 

The overall phase of 2016. 

The sandal/bootie combo, spanning the summers of 2015 and 16. (And probably '17, because I still unexplainably love them.)

The white booties of Spring 2017.  I can't decide if these are cool, unfortunate, or way too "I wish I were a go-go dancer." 

Regardless, I plan to find out. Who's with me? I've rounded up some of my absolute favorite white booties in the land for your shopping enjoyment. Happy Wednesday!

Until next time,