(last minute) vday for him

Y'all can just thank my extreme procrastination and inability to multitask for the fact that this is going up the DAY BEFORE Valentine's Day.  So, lean in close....this is what we're gonna do. Should you be an extreme procrastinator like me (duh. you're my people), then we're taking a note from the husband's playbook. We'll buy the gift, and then PRINT A PHOTO to slip inside a valentine's card.  GENIUS. 

(Good thing we're cute, ladies.)

Anyway, I've learned to not even ask what he wants for Valentine's Day. You know why? Because when I VERY subtly inquire about his current size in dress shirts, he usually says something REALLY HILARIOUS like "I normally wear a medium in NOT SPENDING ANY MONEY ON ME." 

Husbands are a real treat, sometimes. 

Therefore, I vote that we IGNORE their hints and suggestions, and just get them one (or all) of the following options. He'll love it. 

Because we will make him. 

1. This watch : Forget how you've bought him approximately 17 watches over the course of your marriage, THIS is the one he will actually end up wearing. 

2. A sporty jacket : He won't like the stripes. I can almost guarantee it. But as I like to gently remind, he doesn't know what's good for him. 

3. A scent that YOU want to smell all the time (again, he will love it, because we will tell him to.)

4. Cute undies that YOU enjoy wearing (but let's be honest, are also a gift FOR HIM.)  Get "him" a monthly subscription to Underclub and then rejoice in the way you are actually gifting it to YOURSELF. 

Vans Hi-Top Sneakers

Vans Hi-Top Sneakers

5.  These sneaks Again, he will most assuredly hate them. But we are keeping him stylish, dang it!

Are you ready to go for Vday, or are you a procrastinator like me? 

P.S. Don't forget the printer paper.