valentine's gift guide for him

1. facial fuel

sometimes, when I get nervous, I walk up to my husband, put my hands on his face, and just smell him. (Mary Katherine Gallagher thinks you should definitely give this to your man for valentine's day.)

2. adidas superstar

I want to get these for John, mainly because he likes to make so much fun of me when I wear mine. He refers to me as "gangsta" and "his lil rapper." I just want to return the favor and beatbox every time HE walks into the room. 

3. fitbit blaze watch 

this watch is awesome, and hey, if he doesn't like it, then YOU CAN HAVE IT. See what I did there??

4. smart tech accessories and cables case

One thing we know about men is that they always, always, always have all the new technology. Which comes with a lot of "hey babe, have you seen my charger," and "you took it, didn't you?!" This will solve all the unnecessary blaming, because it was ONLY THAT ONE TIME, and CAN'T YOU JUST LET IT GO?

5. double old fashion pewter initial glass (set of 4) 

If your man's drink of choice is a strawberry daiquiri or a blue hawaii, least he'll look cool drinking it out of this. 


6. moscow mule man crate 

nothing sounds more manly than getting your guy a MAN CRATE. Right? And there are all different kinds--the whiskey appreciation crate,, the spicy jerkygram, or even the exotic meats crate. I've linked to these here, as they all sound vaguely dirty, and I'm afraid of what google might turn up. 

Until next time,