14 years my valentine

Happy Valentine's Day, y'all!! If I could, I would Oprah the heck out of all of you today....and YOU would get a valentine, and YOU would get a valentine....BUT....since I can't, I thought y'all might enjoy hearing more about my 14 years of valentine-ing with this guy. (And even if you DON'T enjoy it, it's happening. My blog calendar says so.)

14 years, 2 houses, 2 kids, 1 dog, several ER visits (mostly for John),  about 37 seasons of the Bachelor, and at least 15 lbs ago. Wouldn't trade it for a minute. 

14 years, 2 houses, 2 kids, 1 dog, several ER visits (mostly for John),  about 37 seasons of the Bachelor, and at least 15 lbs ago. Wouldn't trade it for a minute. 

I don't wanna brag, but he's pretty good at valentine-ing. (I mean, I'm better. But let's throw him a bone, since it's v-day, okay?)

With all that said, I wanted y'all to hear from John today. He's grudgingly agreed to answer a little list of questions I've been pestering him with compiled. His answers are in italics, with my comments peppered in because I basically CANNOT BE TRUSTED.

1. What is your most memorable valentine’s day to date?  With me. DUH. Because it better not be with another girl, and WHO IS SHE?!?!?!

I'll never forget the valentine's day where you were pregnant with AG. You ordered some mushroom risotto, and the minute it came, you COULDN'T BEAR TO EVEN HAVE IT IN YOUR GENERAL VICINITY. So, like the gentleman that I am, I gave you my beautiful steak and ate your mushroom risotto instead. 


(How many men would willingly part with a steak and eat something gross for you? He's a keeper, ladies. #romance #alsopregnancyvomiting)

2. What are some things on your valentine’s day wish list? ASKING FOR A FRIEND.

Socks, something for the kids, or nothing. Because I HAVE YOU. 

(Oh, har-de-har har. Apparently he DOES read this blog! Good thing he's cute.)

3.  Who let the dogs out? (I'm sorry, I had to.)  

Hopefully you or Ally Grace, before he poops on the floor.

4.  What is the most romantic gesture you have ever made? 

When Sherri and I were dating, she had to go away for a week on business.  I was dying, because I didn't want to have to go a week without seeing her.  (AWWWW) Fortunately, she was only a couple of hours away, in a little town called Sandersville.  So, I began scheming on how I could surprise her.  Sandersville is a cute little place, but there isn't a whole lot going on, at least when compared to the ATL.  Like a lot of small towns, there is a main drag with most of the restaurants and shopping.  Sherri was staying at the Quality Inn right on this strip-o-pure-excitement.  I jumped in the car and drove down there to scope things out.  You need to know that Sherri loves surprises, so what better than a surprise scavenger hunt in the great town of Sandersville.  I went from place to place setting it up and recruiting Sandersvillians (muhahahaha) to help me.  The young lady working the front desk at the Quality Inn was up first.  She called Sherri and told her that there was something waiting for her at the front desk.  From there Sherri had to stop at McDonald's and tell them she had a nice Badonkadonk (we are well-matched in maturity level, clearly) before the cashiers would give her the next clue.  She then made a stop at Captain D's and had to say something ridiculous that I forgot. (well, I remember, so allow me to fill you in: I had to say "Honey you lookin' good, and mo' gooder than a plate of Neck Bones
Tenderized and yummy." I couldn't make this up if I tried.) 

Finally, she arrived at Dairy Lane.  If you haven't been to Dairy Lane in Sandersville, drop what you are doing, it's road trip time.   Dairy Lane is a classic small town burger, hot dawgs, bbq, and milk shake diner.  It's been there forever and is an institution in Sandersville.  Mrs. Walters, a wonderfully sweet older southern lady, was there working and was delighted to help me surprise my bride to be.  Sherri arrived and.......(nearly killed him, but also LOVED EVERY MOMENT.)

We then had one of their amazing milk shakes and dinner.  It was a good day and did the trick.  

5. What are some things that you would share with other guys who want to know how to love their significant others better? 

Wow, that's easy and tough at the same time.  Easy, because a lot of the answers are obvious.  Tough, because they can be hard to consistently do well. Here are some thoughts that come to mind:

- Put your spouse before yourself - Yikes that's hard.  I feel like we are wired to do the opposite, but this is one of the best ways to love somebody.  If you are putting their needs/desires first, other stuff kind of falls into place.  Maybe start off the day thinking of one way you can serve them

- Help out - It's easy for me to fall into the routine of focusing on my responsibilities/things and Sherri having hers.  It can go a long way to surprise you spouse by doing something that normally falls onto their list.  Fold some clothes, get the kids out of the house so your spouse can have some free time, wash all of the dishes, let your spouse sleep in (BTW - I'm not saying men don't wash dishes or fold clothes, but I know a lot that don't and they are probably going to throw things at me for this)

- Little sweet things - Random flowers,  text messages, notes hidden somewhere you know she'll find them.  Super easy.  Put a reminder on your phone for once a week.  Relationship strengthened.  Mic drop. (Ladies -  you can't get mad if yo man puts a reminder on his phone to send you something nice.  We brains not work good.  Cut us some slack, because we tryin to tell you that you fine)

- Continue to date Her - Weekly date night if possible.  You plan it.  Don't always rely on her to find the sitter.  Think ahead about what you want to share with your sweetness while at dinner.   Open up.  Another hard one.

6. What’s so special about star wars? And pearl jam for that matter? 

I'm confused.  Does this question actually need an answer?  Is it not blatantly clearly undisputably obvious?  They both are freaking amazing!!!!  

7.  What is you most favorite thing about me? Besides my love of shopping, I already know how much you admire that.  

Beside your smokin hottness?  (I'm biased). You are genuine, selfless, loving, hilarious, wise and kind.  You have a huge heart for others including your 3 kids (I'm one).  You love me in spite of all of my craziness. I'm lucky.

Yep. I'll think I'll keep him. 

Until next time,