covering the lady business

leith tunic | ag denim | kork-ease bootie | nordstrom choker | photos by jnelly photography

I think we all know that finding that perfect TUNIC length top is like finding a unicorn that poops million dollar bills. 

In other words, completely impossible, and moderately disturbing. 

So, imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon this leith blouse. On the hanger, It looked kinda BLAH. But on my body, I was all, omg this is so cute! And it covers the crotchal region, LET US REJOICE!

Then, I was all, EW! Why did I say crotchal, and can we all please just agree that the word "crotch" is now banned from the English language? 

Please and thank you.

In conclusion, this is the perfect tunic. It's a unicorn! It doesn't poop million dollar bills, but hey, YOU CAN'T HAVE IT ALL, and just be happy that your lady business is covered, m-kay?

Until next time,