monday favorites + sales

Welcome to Monday Favorites, y'all! It's a new series, inspired by the way I couldn't get my ISH together in time for a Friday Favorites post last week. I would like to say that I'm surprised, but I actually KNOW ME. 

(Also, this is not a regular series. I totally plan on being ON POINT from this day forward.)


Anyway, I feel that since winter lasted all of two days this year, we should probably look at spring stuff. What the heck, let's just skip to summer because it will undoubtedly be in the 90's next week.

just click on the images above, if you feel like stocking up on the most awesome spring/summer finds EVER in the history of warm weather.  (Rash. I just made that up. But they are pretty awesome finds in my book.)

Also, it's Presidents Day people. And this is AMERICA. So OBVIOUSLY we should all shop our faces off. FOR THE PRESIDENTS. 

Here's a few of my fave sales, happening around the world wide web. (The answer is yes. I am totally aware of how uncool I am.)

Nordstrom Winter Sale : Hecks yes, people! Up to 40% YOU GET A SHIRT, and YOU get a shirt!

H&M Sale, Up to 80% off : I would like to tell y'all that I don't already have a massive UPS delivery headed my way from this one. 

But y'all know me better than that.

Anthropologie : Everything on SALE is currently free. J/k, but it IS an additional 40% off the already low sale prices. And I ain't mad about it.

Madewell :  Madewell and I are currently in a relationship. It's new, but I have a feeling this one is going places. Like my amex bill. (p.s. 30% off all sale items)

Until next time,