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surviving June + some favorites

I know, I know, you thought I had disappeared from the blog. And I would just like to do what I normally do when I need to explain myself: blame it on the kids. Or bronchitis. Actually both. This may shock you, but it turns out that kids actually DON’T understand the concept of mom working from home. I mean, they can SEE YOU. Why shouldn’t you be able to get them a snack/play monster trucks/clean up their rooms? I mean, YOU’RE RIGHT THERE. CLEARLY, YOU’RE AVAILABLE. Summer is STRESSFUL on them, DUH. THEY NEED YOU.

*insert ALL THE EYE ROLLS. Every last one of them.

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monday favorites + sales

Welcome to Monday Favorites, y'all! It's a new series, inspired by the way I couldn't get my ISH together in time for a Friday Favorites post last week. I would like to say that I'm surprised, but I actually KNOW ME. 

(Also, this is not a regular series. I totally plan on being ON POINT from this day forward.)

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