totes leather, y'all

Photos 1 and 2 : Madewell Transport Tote | Photo 3 : Urban Southern Market Tote  | photos by jnelly photography

If you are a mom and don't have a large tote bag (and by large, I mean roughly half the size of your body), then you NEED TO GET YOUR MIND RIGHT.  Actually, if you're just a woman in general, you need a tote. Because where else are we going to store our extra barre socks, hairbrush, and candy that we're hiding from our children?  Or how about the 95,000 receipts that we seem to be collecting? Little purses ain't got time fo THAT.  What about the flashlight, 17 pairs of sunglasses, and the extra pull ups? And don't even get me started on the purse gum. You know, the gum that has fallen out of the container and into the bottom of your bag. The gum that gets kinda fuzzy and has random trash stuck to it, but that you will sometimes (always) chew because you are DESPERATE. 

Suffice it to say, we all require some space. And a leather (or faux leather) tote is always on point, style-wise. It's also the work horse of the bag world, which means that YOU NEED ONE IN YOUR  LIFE. You may also need 7 in your life. No judgement here. 

(Btw, if y'all haven't heard of Urban Southern, get yourself on over there STAT. Let's ignore the fact that I'm watching too much Grey's Anatomy, and focus on how Urban Southern just released their new Spring line....and it. is. amazing.) 

I've rounded up a few of my other faves below for your totes enjoyment. (OH no, she didn't. Except YEP, she sure did.)