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Today our marriage is a fourteen year old. So we’re gonna talk about John y’all. And not ONLY to say something outlandish to see if actually reads the blog. Although that will be an added bonus. Muahahaha.

See, today, we’ve been married for FOURTEEN years. I know what you’re thinking, and the answer is YES. Yes, I WAS a child bride. I met John the very day I moved to Atlanta for my first job out of college. What followed was a quick breakup with my current boyfriend, because I knew SOMETHING about John was different. And even though I couldn’t remember his first name after our last meeting (I just referred to him as “the hot guy from that thing”), I knew I’d see him again, and I KNEW he was special.

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7 Reasons You Should Be Going on Day Dates

If I have heard any one piece of marriage advice consistently repeated over the past decade, it's this: never stop dating your spouse. And I absolutely agree. I mean, who doesn't love dating? (I do!) You have an excuse to wear clothes that won't be spit-up on, eat food you didn't cook and explore places that don't have hand sanitizer dispensers on every wall.  You might even get lucky at the end of the night. (Like, maybe with a foot rub? Or the gift of Netflix? --S)

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14 years my valentine

Happy Valentine's Day, y'all!! If I could, I would Oprah the heck out of all of you today....and YOU would get a valentine, and YOU would get a valentine....BUT....since I can't, I thought y'all might enjoy hearing more about my 14 years of valentine-ing with this guy. (And even if you DON'T enjoy it, it's happening. My blog calendar says so.)

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