7 Reasons You Should Be Going on Day Dates

So today I have my total girl crush friend, Katie Leipprandt, from Crazy Joy guest posting. I AM ALL THE EXCITED FEELS, because I know y'all will love her as much as I do. Not only is she a total baller mom of FOUR (p.s. she homeschools them, because #BOSS), she and her husband still do adventurous things like surfing in Costa Rica, and other cool stuff that I mostly watch on tv because I am not fun or adventurous.

I love her post SO much, and you will too. P.S. I may or may not interject (I will), and my comments will be italicized. Because I am FANCY.

Are y'all as obsessed as I am? How cute are these two? I mean, dressing up as Zootopia for Halloween? #winning

Are y'all as obsessed as I am? How cute are these two? I mean, dressing up as Zootopia for Halloween? #winning

Meet Katie's family. How precious are they?!

Meet Katie's family. How precious are they?!

If I have heard any one piece of marriage advice consistently repeated over the past decade, it's this: never stop dating your spouse. And I absolutely agree. I mean, who doesn't love dating? (I do!) You have an excuse to wear clothes that won't be spit-up on, eat food you didn't cook and explore places that don't have hand sanitizer dispensers on every wall.  You might even get lucky at the end of the night. (Like, maybe with a foot rub? Or the gift of Netflix? --S)

Dating my hubs seemed pretty easy in the early years before we had kids, but 12 years into this marriage thing, date night can seem practically impossible to coordinate. We know dates are LIFE GIVING, but we're at the stage of life (I'm looking at you house full of tiny needy people) where money is tight and the hubs and I are both exhausted by our days. At the end of a long day, #netflixandchill (okay maybe just #netflix) seems way easier than dressing up and heading out on the town. 

Enter day dating. We became accidental proponents of day dating when a sitter cancelled on us a few years ago and we used a pinch hitter who could only come MUCH earlier. While we had to mentally shift gears, when we got home that night (at 8pm!) we were hooked. Side note: we highly recommend working out with the sitter ahead of time that you will require text notification when the kids are all snug in their beds...then girl you SIT in the driveway if you have to until that beautiful ding comes in on your phone.  (Yes! Classic parenting #wisdom. --S)

If you're not day dating, here are 7 reasons you need to get on it, STAT: 

1. Breakfast. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and you can get a truly killer breakfast meal for $15 - mimosa optional. Isn't there something just so indulgent about going out for breakfast? 

2. Babysitters are way less in-demand on a weekend day. Heck, this gives them the option to still go out AFTER they bank $40 for playing UNO with your brood. 

3. No stilettos necessary. I mean, you do you. And if that's heels at high noon, then girl be my guest. I personally feel that daylight hours mean that comfortable flats are required attire. 

4. Matinees cost less. Use the $4 you save on your ticket to splurge on the peanut M&Ms, no sharing necessary.

5. Lunch reservations are usually easy to come by at that hoity-toity place that's booked solid at 7pm for the next 6 months. 

6. Your babysitter is actually earning that $40 keeping up with your tribe instead of watching Netflix while Facetime-ing her friends with her feet propped up on your coffee table. 

7. Assuming you didn't fall asleep in the car on the way home (no judgment here if you did), you could have enough energy left after not spending the witching hours with your kids to spend the second part of your date in a -ahem- very married kind of way.  (What do you mean, Katie? Like going to the grocery store? Home Depot? We are obviously very exciting. And married. --S)

Do you love a good day date as much as I do? What are your go-to day date activities?

(Also, are y'all as OBSESSED with Katie as I am??  I know your answer is yes, so go follow her on Snapchat (@leipprandt), Instagram, Facebook....and read more at Crazy Joy. Thank you so much, Katie! Will you come live in my neighborhood and be my best friend now? Please and thank you.)