Here we are, living in our rosy bubble. 

Here we are, living in our rosy bubble. 

When you first meet your person, everything is romantic, perfect, and shiny. Her emotional outbursts and shopping habits are ADORABLE and QUIRKY. His borderline hoarding and unnatural love of Pearl Jam are SO CUTE. You will obviously love each other forever and ever and ever, while never fighting, and living in a rosy bubble for the rest of your life. 

JORD 2.jpg

But, then thirteen years pass and you look across a table at each other, realizing that you are so very different from the 24 and 26 year olds who knew each other for 5 months and got engaged. Some of your "adorable" habits, are less than adorable. Your responsibilities are bigger. The stakes are higher. You've seen more of each other's ugliness & brokenness than you could have ever imagined.  You've said things you didn't mean, and things you wish you could take back. 

AND YET. You're both still here, and more importantly, so is the love. Which is now bigger, fuller, and more epic than you knew it could be. 

JORD 5.jpg

You'll definitely fight, and there is no rosy bubble.

But you WILL love each other forever and ever.